Thinking about investing in yourself and up-leveling your brand?

Want to know more about how this whole thing works? Grab a cup of tea and let's chat. Here are some of the questions I'm asked.


Who do you work with?

I work with passionate female solopreneurs who have built a successful brand and are ready to move past where they can go on their own. They fall in a variety of industries, but I tend to work really well with coaches, consultants, and high-end service based businesses.


How long have you been doing this and how did you become a brand designer?

I’ve been a professional designer for eight years and an amateur since I was five years old. I began my career with a degree in software applications programming which I quickly realized didn't fill my creative bucket. I launched my design business (Licentia Designs at that time) in 2009. As a solopreneur myself I saw a need in the market for creatives who could handle not only the artistic and functional design aspects of a project, but also the tech-y parts of running an online business; things like designing a website and setting up email sequences. Over the years I’ve invested tens of thousands of hours into learning the ins and outs of my trade, and my clients love that I’m a one stop shop for their brand and site projects. 


What sets you apart from other designers?

Years of experience running and growing several businesses help me empathize with my client's unique issues while also giving me the ability to seeing the birds eye view and help them strategize. I’m also highly intuitive and able to understand their vision for the brand and bring it to life easily. My process is all inclusive, from hand drawn illustrations to technical details, I can handle most aspects of building your brand.


What type of personality do you work best with?

The clients who have the absolute best results with me are passionate about what they do and driven to do the work it takes to dig deep into their brand. They understand the value of bringing in the right people and letting them do their thing. 


What services do you offer?

All of my projects are essentially custom, because no two brands are exactly the same.

I offer brand strategy + design for solopreneurs and small businesses. In practical terms this means I craft logos, build websites, and design collateral (business cards, ebooks, brochures, all the things). I go beyond just design services by also working with my clients to build the strategy behind their design - making sure your brand works for you and isn't just a pretty face.

I also take on a select number of Creative Retainer clients every year. If you're interested in those, email me!

What is your process?

All my projects begin with a guided workbook and strategy session to help us define your ideal audience, your goals for the project, and what branded materials you’ll need to rock your business over the next year. The workbook will also walk you through gathering any content you might need as well as identifying your own particular style. After that I’ll guide you through choosing a brand design concept and extending that out onto your branded materials and website. The process is very collaborative and conversational throughout, I want you to feel like you’re being guided by a particularly design savvy friend!


Will I have input on my final design?

Absolutely! At every stage of your project you’ll have a chance to give me feedback and ask for revisions. I’ll present you with 1-3 design concepts for brand materials like logos, business cards, and social media graphics. You’ll choose the concept that feels most right to you and then we’ll go through two rounds of revisions to get it just right. 

I’ll design your website on a test server that’s not visible to the public and you’ll have the chance to walk through and provide revisions for that as well. 

Nothing will ever be printed or launched without your approval! This is your brand and I want you to feel like it’s a beautiful extension of you. 


What will you need from me during the process?

You’ll need to provide written copy and photography content for your website and branded materials before the start date of your project. I do have a guide that walks you through creating your website copy, or will offer suggestions for a copywriter if you need one. 

I only take on 2-3 clients at a time so that I can give your project the focus it deserves, which means we also need to finish in a timely manner. I allow plenty of time on my calendar so we aren’t rushed, but to keep things on track you’ll need to be available to provide feedback on design concepts within 24-48 hours. Just don’t plan any off-grid camping during our project and you’ll be fine!


What results can I expect to get from our work together?

You can expect to:

  • Gain an increased sense of confidence around how you present yourself in a busy online market
  • Build a higher level of trust and confidence in your existing audience
  • More easily attract your ideal audience and painlessly weed out those who aren't a good fit
  • Provide a smoother experience for your clients and customers
  • Look and feel like the badass girl boss you already are
  • Gain clarity around how to keep your brand image consistent, such as which colors and fonts to use where
  • Easily teach new team members how to keep the brand image consistent
  • Jump on opportunities more readily
  • Save yourself the time and stress of recreating the wheel every time you need to create a new slide deck or proposal 


Do you have regular office hours?

Sort of. My business hours are 8am to 5pm Eastern, Monday through Friday. However, to keep projects on track and respect my clients I use block scheduling during the day and only check email and voicemail at certain times. You’re welcome to email me anytime and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! Most emails are answered within 24-48 hours, however if your email is urgent I’ll do my best to get it taken care of asap. For phone calls or strategy sessions you can schedule a time here. 


What types of payment do you accept and do you offer payment plans?

You can pay your invoice online using either a credit or debit card, or a transfer from your checking account. I offer 2, 3, 6, 9, and 12 month payment plans depending on the total investment.


How do I get started?

First, congratulations on taking the first steps towards up-leveling your brand image! You can schedule a discovery call here where we’ll discuss your project and see if we’d be a good fit to work together. Before our call I’ll send you a few questions to answer via email about your business, this will help us make the most of our time on the call and give me a little more insight into your brand. We’ll talk about where your brand is now and what your vision is for it in the future, and I’ll go over my packages and help you decide what would work best for you. 


How long does a design project take?

All projects are custom, so there’s not a one size fits all answer here. Projects are also collaborative, so there are parts of the process that depend on you being able to send me feedback in a timely manner. With all that said though, on average a full branding package (branding, website, and collateral design) will take three months to complete from the time we have our strategy call to the time I hand over the final files to you. Keep in mind when you’re planning your project that this doesn’t include the time before the project start date when you’ll be getting together your content and photos. 

If you’re planning to launch your brand or project in the next 12 months and want to find out more about my availability and project time, get in touch with me here. I’ll be happy to help you decide when to start your project.


How soon can you start my project?

All projects are scheduled on a first come first serve basis, and I do book out 1-3 months in advance generally. If you know you’d like to start your project on a certain date we can schedule that in advance depending on my availability.  

If you’re planning to launch your brand or project in the next 12 months and want to find out more about my availability and project time, get in touch with me here. I’ll be happy to help you decide when to start your project.


Will I have the copyright for my logo?

Yes. Your contract will have a copyright transfer clause. I’ll be able to use your logo in my marketing, but you’ll have full copyright to it. 


Will you trademark my logo?

No. If you would like to trademark your logo you’re welcome to, but it’s not a service I provide.